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Note:  This is a private offering made solely by the Boonsborough Hunting Club.  (and not by Dynamic Realty and Auctioneering who has merely allowed us the use of some of it's web page as a favor)


 For more info call Dan (Boone) VanSumeren 989-893-5819




Quality stag hunting club and camp.  Unique opportunity.

Non profit offering provides maximum value.

Camp and land located in Western Iosco County. Along Iosco-Ogemaw County Line (between West Branch and Tawas) in the heart of one of Michigan’s finest deer hunting areas.



Boonsborough Buck Hunting Club and Camp Located at 990 E. County Line Rd.  (Siecrest Rd.) Hale MI, Reno Township, Iosco County MI,


175 acres of land approximately 85% wooded with balance in good improved trails, meadows and wetlands-12 food plots (22 acres) large secluded pond.



Cabin: Modern yet rustic and comfortable with semi-private bedrooms, well equipped and modern kitchen, 2 bathrooms, cathedral ceiling, direct tv, basement and a large patio deck.  And modern two story shed.

Club is expanding to 5 memberships.


Hunting club history: Land and Cabin purchased by Dan (Boone) VanSumeren in 1985 and club was formed in 1986. Cabin which was built as a retirement home for previous owner, and was subsequently finished in 1986 by Boone. Improvements were added thru-out the years. In addition trails were expanded by 250% and approximately 5 years ago 12 food plots were formed creating 22 acres of food plots. The club as well as the ownership of same, is a non-profit entity thus giving maximum benefit and value to the members. Note: membership in this camp means much more than just a place to shoot bucks. It is somewhat of a sacred get away and retreat where fellowship and commradre is shared by a great group of guys.

Purpose of club and statement of policy; 
  Purpose of club is to provide quality deer hunting with a secondary emphasis on small game hunting (turkey, grouse and rabbits) for it's members, all in a spirit of excellent fellowship and commadare in a quality hunting club envirement.
2.  To ascertain maximum value for our members do to the non profit nature of the club.
3.  To provide and maintain the highest quality of wildlife habitat on our land for the purpose of both attracting and maintaining the maximum quanity and quality of our deer and other wildlife.  Food plots include corn, soybeans, clovers, chickory, milo, buckwheat, rye, oats, turnips and more.  In addition extensive plantings have been made in both hard and soft mast producing trees and shrubs including chestnut, persimmons, black locust, mulberry, apple, crabapple, pear and more.  While our largest expense we feel the return is well worth the time and financial investment.
4.  Camp is meant to be a fun place where we enjoy good food, good cheer and good friends in a spirt of mirth and merriment.

Memberships are stag only and there are reasonable restrictions regarding non-member guests. So memberships in this camp should not be considered by someone who wants to have his wife or lady friend with him during hunts or anyone looking for a place to bring guests at anytime they so desire.


Memberships in the club require unanimous approval of all present members and memberships can never be sold, transferred or reassigned. Memberships may not cause any restrictions on the land. Memberships are subject to trial basis for the first year and can be terminated for the lack of compatibility. Note: Benefits of this membership cannot be measured in dollars and cents. It is what you make of it.


The main requirements for membership: 


A new member must possess a friendly disposition, sense of humor, moral character, a sportsman ethic, willingness to pitch in as a team player and a person who gets along well with others.  Our present members have all of the above and we would expect no less from a new member, nor should a new member expect any less from us.


We realize that compatibility is a two way street and that all members, new or old alike shall have the assurance that there is no room in our camp and club for: a self centered a--hole, slob, tightwad cheapskate, grumpy jerk or an individual who gets ornery when they're drinking or (sober).  We won't tolerate anyone who was weaned on a pickle or is a prime candidate to be the poster person for retroactive birthcontrol.  In addition no one here in camp, is impressed with anyone who has a so-called "mighty hunter syndrome".


 A new member would need a 4 wheel ORV to get to and from hunting stands. 


Cost- Dues Etc.: Initial cost of  $300 dollars.  Note: each of our members has invested many times that for trails, food plots ect. Annual dues are $1175 dollars per year payable in full in advance on or before May 1st of every year. Dues are for the respective hunting seasons in the same calendar year, e.g. 2012 ect.  DUES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.



Cost of food and supplies are shared by the members at camp as they are incurred.


Chores: Chores are to be shared by the members which may include a couple of work sessions. Note this is not a dude ranch type of club. Members must furnish their own blinds. They are responsible for their own transportation to and from their hunting stands or blinds. Note this could be over 1 ½ miles from camp on club land.


On premises hunting there is no need to commute as the cabin is located on the club hunting land.


For further information on club bylaws see section Welcome to Boonesborough for condensed version and bylaws for more detailed information. Phone contact to Boone may be made by calling Dan Vansumeren at 989-893-5819.

Boonesborough Camp

Observance of the bylaws is second nature to our members, as they are based on common sense and the golden rule. Bylaws are listed here primarily for examination of prospective new members so they may determine if our club is right for them.


Boonesborough Buck Hunting Club




Purpose of Club: To provide and maintain quality deer hunting opportunities for its members with secondary emphasis on small game hunting, all in the spirit of excellent fellowship, and commadere, in a quality hunting environment. The club is a non profit entity, so members get maximum value for their investment. Statement of policy is set forth so as to clearly define the privileges and benefits as well as obligations and expenses of members.


Membership:  Five All Season Selected Memberships

                         One Rifle Season (also muzzleloading) Membership may be substituted for one of the 5                             selected memberships.

                         One Special One Year Wounded Warrior Guest Membership*

                          *See special wounded warrior paragraph near end of page


Selected Memberships: At present there are four selected memberships and there shall be no more than five selected memberships.  Selected memberships are individual, by invitation, and selection only and are non-transferable or assignable and shall cause no restrictions upon the land.


Benefits and Member Privileges: All members, owner and selected members shall have the following benefits of membership:

  1. To hunt the land at any and all days during the respective deer seasons, early archery season, rifle season, muzzle loading, and late archery seasons.
  2. Small game hunting from opening of season in September to March.(Small game hunting is subject to limitations during the respective deer season, especially early archery and rifle season so as not to interfere with deer hunters on their stands,
  3. As the club is a non profit entity for itself and its owners, selected members recieve maximum value with limited investment. (Compared to the owner members tying up their very substantial investment the real state rather being used to generate income else where.)
  4. To hunt turkeys in the spring and fall.
  5. To also have access to the land prior to the deer season for the purpose of preparation of hunting stands and blinds.
  6. To possess keys for the cabin and gates.
  7. Limited use of the tractor
  8. To have all priorities as to hunting stands and blind over all other parties.
  9. To have use of the cabin. Cabin is available to all members for stag hunting camp use from Sept. 30th through the period in Dec concurrent with the muzzle loading season with the exception of Thanksgiving Weekend when the cabin is reserved for the owner’s family. During Thanksgiving Weekend, the members will have access to the loft located in the Honeymoon Hotel. Additional cabin use is also available for spring turkey hunting with permit as designated. Note: During Thanksgiving weekend none of the member’s rights to hunt will be affected in any way as they can use the cabin as their base, restrooms etc. Note: When members are using cabin without the owner member being present the only requirement is letting the owner know in advance, messages on the answering machines will suffice. You will be responsible for insuring plug and pump is pulled, water heater is off and cabin and gate are locked. (Members are fully responsible for failure to unplug pump and/or water heater and locking gates. Members are also fully responsible for any monetary damages as a result of their failure to do the above.)
  10. Campsite parking area is available when cabin is not available to members and may be used as a campsite for travel trailers, and plug for electricity is available. The camp site lot on the south end of section is also available for use.
  11. Selected members shall never feel as a guest or the owner member as a host or inn keeper as all are partners in the hunting club to share the commadarie of good fellowship as well as a place to share chores. All members should have a feeling of belonging and that the camp is a home away from home.


Differences and Rights of the owner members: The owner member has made all of the capitol investment in the land, buildings etc and a difference in rights shall and must exist.  The owner maintains first right of preference as to hunting stands and locations, the final word as it pertains to bylaws and club policy, use of the cabin and shed shall be for the exclusive use of his family for the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend.  The owner has all priorities as it pertains to cabin and/or hunting guests.  Some other differences are maintained by the owner.


Provisions of Camp guidelines: (Welcome to Boonesborough) are incorporated herein and made part of this statement of policy.


Hunting Stands and Blinds: Blinds are owned by the individual member ( not the club) locations of hunting stands and blinds by selected members are to be decided upon in advance of the respective deer season, by agreement.  It is also understood that members may use one another’s blinds, on occasion when the blind owner is not using same.  This gives members a chance for a change of scenery etc.

Archery and Rifle Standards: Rifle hunters are to have their rifles and muzzle loaders zeroed in prior to hunting. (open sites as well as scopes) each year. All archery hunters hunting the club ground are expected to be proficient archers and are required to site their bows and be able to shoot good group, including broad heads, identical to the ones they will be using, for each of the respective distances, heights and stands they are hunting; prior to archery season or at least prior to an actual hunting situation each year. A good sportsman, if ever in doubt would check his sighting and shooting on occasion during the season, have distant makers set and would never take a poor or high-risk shot or one beyond his ability. While even the best of archers or rifle marksmen for that matter can get a poor hit, all parties hunting the ground have an obligation to keep this to a minimum. Only sportsman who are willing to take the time to do these things and be certain of their ability and bow before taking any shot are allowed to hunt on the club



Every effort is to be made by the members to do everything possible to prevent crippling or losing a deer. Any individual who would not and the time to properly prepare themselves and their bow (or to sight in their rifle and muzzle loader for that matter) would be doing a grave injustice to the fellow members, archery and hunting in general and the Club's reputation as well as a shameful loss of deer. On the rare occasions when a guest may be allowed, the member has a responsibility to insure the guest is familiar with standards as well, as they apply to members and guest alike.




Members are required while hunting prior to dark to at least have a good lantern and fuel available as well as marking ribbon for the purpose of locating a wounded deer. Locating a wounded deer is a matter of club priority and all will assist. (on some occaisons the cook will not be expected to assist in order to prepare the evening meal) While no members want to experience a wasted deer by observing the following guidelines of good sportsmanship and standards herein: group searches, crippled or wasted deer would be kept to a minimum. Each individual member has an obligation to his fellow member in this regards. The standards apply to rifle and muzzle loading season also.


Archery rifle season limits-size requirements: Limits shall be set annually by the club members. No spikes are to be taken, provided, however an exception may be made for a young grandson’s first buck. Also, size requirements may be set by the members such as having a minimum of three or four antler points on one side especially for a second buck. No button or nubbin bucks may be taken by anyone. Any violators will be sent to Vietnam or Cambodia or to their hunting blinds in the woods for the balance of the season and shall exist on the diet of yellow snow. 


“Only bucks hang on our pole”. The club was formed as a buck hunting club, not a meat camp. Generally, no does will be hung on the “buck pole”. Taking of a camp deer by a camp member at camp may be allowed on occasion if decided upon the members in advance of the early archery season. Guests are not allowed to take any does. In addition, any member who sees a badly wounded deer which would unlikely survive winter, should take it as a camp deer to prevent its waist or succumb to the coyotes. Note: Any doe taken on club land shall be deemed to be a camp deer.


Disposition of deer taken on club ground: Deer shot on club ground is for the individual member/family consumption. Or, if not desired by the individual for whatever reason, should be given to member (s) for processing, who may not have seen the same good fortune in bagging a buck. The receiving member would be responsible for the processing and returning of antlers. A member's second buck is to be shared with another member who has had no success.


            No Individual hunting on club ground is to take a deer for the purpose of “filling a meat order” for a friend or neighbor back home, for example, or for the gal at the pub, etc. In addition, and for example, a member who was fortunate in bagging two bucks during the rifle season and knows that he and his family would only consume one, should offer the other to the club member (s) for processing, who have none; before giving any away to non-members. Some members/ families prefer venison more than others, etc. which is to be considered; but all who desire will have some venison to enjoy, by sharing, etc. for that purpose.


Guests: While the owner member has all priorites to have over-night cabin and/or hunting guests at any time, guests shall be very limited, if allowed at all, during early archery season and the first week of rifle season.  The purpose of the club is to provide hunting opportunities for its membership, not to entertain non-members.

            However, there may be times, especially during the latter part of rifle season, muzzle loading and late archery season, and especially to avoid hunting along, that a guest or guests may be welcome. Members, however, shall and must have all priorities to be asked and included for all hunts before any guests are asked. Selected members should understand that their memberships does not include the inherent or automatic right of having over-night cabin and/or hunting guests as a right of membership, but only as a happening that can occur from time to time after the first week of rifle season.

Therefore, on occasion when a guest or guests may be allowed it shall only be:

  1. 1.      With the owner members permission. (and on an individual request for each instance). i.e. Approval for a selected member to have a guest hunting is for an individual hunt time and should not be construed as a blanket approval to bring the individual guest any time so desired.
  2. 2.      On a space available basis as determined by the owner member and generally only after the first week of rifle season. (Members should consider cabin usage space as well as the land). Any and all hunting guests including that of the owner member shall: (a) be subject to all priorities of the members as far as the hunting stands and blinds, etc. (b) not be allowed without their host-club member being present. (c) never to process keys for cabin or gate (d) be subject to the camp guideline and required to do their share of chores. Members shall be responsible as well as liable for their guests conduct, as well as guest’s share of any applicable expenses. Generally speaking, individuals unknown to the owner member shall have least priority of being asked as a cabin/hunting guest; while at the same time giving sons of selected member’s some preference for consideration as being asked as a guest. (It should be noted, however, that the same rules, guidelines, space availability, etc. applies to sons) Comment: Hunting guests can be welcome visitors and companions or the source of problems, over crowding, and dissention. The owner member has no intention, whatsoever, to allow the latter to happen.


Hunter Safety: All hunters are to observe Michigan state laws regarding hunter orange and all other laws regarding hunter safety. ANY HUNTER USING AN ELEVATED STAND SHALL DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK AND HOLD THE CLUB AND THE OWNER MEMBER HARMLESS FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY IN LIABILITY OR ANY INJURY WHATSOEVER. All hunters using an elevated stand is required to use a full safety harness as approved and certified by TMA MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION AS WELL AS A RETRACTOR SYSTEM THAT WOULD PREVENT A PERSON FROM FALLING TO THE GROUND.   ALL PERSONS, HUNTING ON CLUB LAND, DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK AND CLUB AS WELL AS OWNERS SHALL BE HELD HARMLESS FOR ANY PHYSICAL INJURY, DEATH AND ANY OTHER LOSS WHATSOEVER.  While there are no harness police patrolling the club land its up to the indvidual to use common sense and adopt the saftey standards.


Members and guests hunt, travel and use the land, travel and building at their own risk and hold the owners harmless for any physical injury, death and any other loss whatsoever.  The owners shall have no liability whatsoever for loss of personal property, physical injury or death to any members or guests, and shall be held harmless for same.  It is understood however that all members shall be responsible financially and otherwise for any damages caused by their use or neglect to owners property such as failure to lock gate, pull plug on pump, etc.



Expenses/ Annual Dues: The following expenses such as taxes, some insurance, cost of maintaining tractor and other machinery and equipment, food plots, boundary markers, all LP gas, electricity used from 9-15 to period in December during muzzle season Direct T.V (three months), lawn care after 9-25, club mineral blocks, most camp maintenance, certain supplies and food, driveway maintenance, club debt, and any other expense for club benefit shall be shared by club members by dues. Annual dues are capped and shortages or surplus shall be added to or subtracted from club debt. Dues are payable in full, in advance prior to May 5th of each year and much of the club expenses such as food plots are incurred early in the spring of each year. An annual accounting will be made to each of the club members after conclusion of the club year.

Dues are for the respective hunting seasons within the same calendar year.  Dues are not refundable.


Groceries and supplies: Cost of such are to be shared by the membership staying over at the same time where applicable.

Food, meals and supplies: The camp cook plans the meals.  Meals range from the simple such as venison chili or stew to the elegant such as prime rib and lobster tails, etc. Very few meals are served out of a box or can.  The food purchased is among the best when obtained by the cook. Cheap or economy is the lowest priority but value is always sought.  Because meals are planned, members planning on bringing prepared food, need to clear this with the cook in advance.  It is policy that we don't skimp on meals for the purpose of saving a few bucks.


Booze: BYOB, provided, however a certain amount of beverages shall be purchased at club expense for visitors.


Chores: In addition to the daily cabin cleaning, burning trash, etc. other major chores are to be shared: trail clearing and maintenance including mowing trails; cutting and stacking of firewood for back up heat, maintaining flagging boundary markers, driveway maintenance, most cabin maintenance, and any and all labor for club benefit is to be shared by all the members. Work sessions are called together by the owner member and some of these may be two day sessions involving staying over night. Note: the bulk of these chores are to be done prior to labor day. Before departing home from camp members are to take bottles, cans, and trash with them. This takes place throughout the respective deer seasons (don’t leave all of this for the last person leaving camp). Prior to thanksgiving, there shall be an annual GI party military style cleaning of cabin, which includes cleaning of refrigerator, oven, mirrors, base boards, basement, all carpeting and floors. This is to be done in preparation for inspection by the “spotless queen”. Before departing camp from muzzle loading season somewhat similar work is to be done again.  In addition food plots are labor intensive so much of the labor is done by help hired by the club, but some of the work must be done by the members.


A log book must to be kept by the members with entries including buck kills, antler points, visitors, etc. while persons are at camp.


* Wounded Warrior Membership

A special one year guest membership is offered to a veteran who has suffered physical injury such as a loss of limb during combat or in other military service while serving in a combat theater of operations in Iraq or Afganastan.


Membership is at no cost to the veteran, nor is there any cost for lodging.  The veteran shall be responsable for his own transportation to and from camp, rifle and or archery, equipment and licenses.  Veteran shall have a small cost for a portion of his food and all of his beverage.


Unfortunally, at present our camp is not wheel chair accessable.  The club will furnish a ground blind and members shall assist the vet in tracking, retrieving his buck and hanging it on the buck pole etc...  The vet needs to have some hunting background and a friendly personality.  The vet can expect to have a good time at camp.  This offering is our way of saying THANK-YOU for your service.



1. Loaded guns in camp, shells and rifle chambers (muzzle loaders) must cap off: $20

2. Failure to pull pump on plug when leaving camp for home: $50

3. Leaving camp a mess (dishes not done, beds not made, trash not removed, etc): $50

Note: Members are liable for any damage, individually, as well as jointly for failure to remove plug on water pump when leaving.


Changes and/or additions may be made to club by-laws by owner member from time to time.